Etcher Laser

$799.00 – $1,049.00

Professionally Engrave and Personalize Anything. Even Huge Stuff. Start a Business in 2019!

Estimated delivery : Late October, 2019
Etcher Laser shipping within the US: $20

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1.6W Etcher Laser $799$759.05
3.5W Etcher Laser $1049 $996.55


Laser cutting and engraving made easy

Create and customize anything.

High Laser Power

High Laser Power

No Material-Size Restrictions

No Material-Size Restrictions

Easy, One-Touch Operation

Easy, One-Touch Operation

Custom Creations Without Size Limits

Etcher Laser’s removable bottom means there are no material restrictions and your imagination can run wild on items as small as a quarter or as large as a dining room table.

Bring Ideas to Life in Minutes

Whether you’re a beginner or a laser-printing expert, Etcher Laser makes it easy with a one-touch set up and easy-to-use software.

Live Preview For Guaranteed Accuracy

Etcher Laser’s live-camera preview ensures there are no surprises. Know exactly where your design will line up before you start and keep tabs on its progress throughout the process.

Incredible Laser Precision

Etcher Laser is so accurate and delicate enough it can engrave on your expensive devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.

Quiet & Compact

Its light and compact design means Etcher Laser fits right on your desk and travels easily. And its quiet-motor technology won’t distract you from anything else you’re working on.

Tech Specs

570mm x 470mm x 200mm (LxWxH)
22.44inch x 18.50inch x 7.87inch (LxWxH)
Estimated 5,000-10,000 hours, depends on use.
Laser Type
445nm blue laser diode. 1.6W , 3.5W
CDRH Class 1 laser device
Becomes a CDRH Class 4 laser device only when bottom expansion id done
Required Power
AC 100V~240V70W
DC Fan. Built-in fan to direct smoke out from the machine
Connection for ducts from machine to window (supplied by customer)
Optional Dust Collector available for purchase
Windows, macOS, ios and Android (comming soon) File formats: png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tif, svg, dxf
CE,FDA(IEC60825-1), FCC