What makes this technology unique?
Our unique native application and very high laser adjustment capability. Etcher Laser’s removable bottom sets it apart from other lasers.
What is the battery life? How many hours of continuous use? How do you charge?
The machine is powered by an AC plug. There is no battery or need to charge.
What are the dimensions and weight?
Prototype dimensions: 700mm(27.56″)x 460mm(18.11″)x 200mm(7.87″) (LxWxH) Weight: 8kg(17.6 lbs). The actual product will be smaller.
How does it work?
It is used together with a software-installed computer/ app.
What kind of sensors are you using?
We are using a camera, safety, and limit sensors.
Will there be updates to it in the future?
Yes, there will be updates.
How does it integrate with other connected devices?
It integrates through Wifi and a USB interface.
What is the laser’s life expectancy ?
The manufacturers estimate 5,000-10,000 hours, but it depends on how the laser is used, the environment it is used in, how often it is used, etc. We have a 6-month warranty.
What kind of laser does this machine carry?
This machine carries a 445nm laser diode; Class 1 laser.
What type of laser is it?
It is a blue laser diode. We have 1.6W and 3.5W types.
What type of cooling system does it have?
It has a DC fan.
What type of ventilation system does it have?
It has a fan to direct smoke out from the machine, and you can connect a duct from the machine to your window, or you can purchase the optional Dust Collector.
Is the product pre-assembled?
It is fully assembled and ready to use.
What is the wattage?
The laser itself has 2 options available, 1.6W and 3.5W. The consumable electrical power is 70W.
Is it a gas laser (DC or rf excited), solid state, or fiber?
It is a diode.
Could the laser be upgraded or modular?


What materials will Etcher Laser be compatible with?
Please refer to the compatible material list on our product page.
I don’t see my material on the list of compatible ones. How do I know if it’s safe to cut or etch with Etcher Laser?
If you are ever unsure about whether the Etcher Laser can safely cut or etch the material you have in mind, you can send us a sample of the material and we will process it for you free of charge. For more details, contact us at
Does this work with metal?
No, but it works with anodized aluminium.
What will the cut surface look like? 
Because laser heat is used to cut, the surface of the material being cut may turn out to be dark with burns in some cases.
Can I cut or engrave on curved surface?
If you are dealing with a curved surface, designs will be distorted naturally, but some of our users have engraved names on wooden ballpoint pens.
Can I cut or engrave transparent or translucent materials?
No, the laser radiation will not interact with transparent and semi-transparent materials. It will simply pass through them.
How long does it take to cut/engrave?
The time depends on speed of laser, power of laser, and size of image.
Can it cut materials as well as engrave?
Yes, on compatible materials. For more details, please see the list of processable materials on our product page.
Can it cut carbon?
No, only engrave.
Can it cut 1/4″ fused glass?
Can it engrave on glass?
Can it cut stainless steel?
Can it engrave on stainless steel?
Could the laser be upgraded or modular?


What features are available?
  • The ability to engrave/ cut several materials.
  • Control from your PC, smartphone, tablet, and other supported devices.
  • The inside camera captures the images that you want on the material.
  • The bottom cover is removeable, so materials can be bigger than the machine itself!
What colors do you offer?
White is the only color currently offered.
Are there different model options?
We have 2 laser power options, 1.6W and 3.5W.
Which option is best for me?
We recommend the full set: 3.5W w/ Dust Collector
What accessories will you have for it?
We will have a dust collector and Pedestal.


Does it have an app? Which phones does it work with?
Yes, it is IOS / Android compatible.
When will the app be available?
The app will be available 5/1/2019. Android to be released later, after iOS.
Can we also access app functions on a web browser?
App functions cannot be accessed on a web browser.
How does the device connect to the app?
Mac, Windows > USB / iOS, Android > Wifi
What can we expect from the app?
The app can read and process images. You can expect all of the same functions that the desktop software offers. Through a camera on the app, you can also see the projection of the material.
Will there be updates available through the app?
Yes, there will be updates available through the app.
Will the software allow for alignment, especially when adjustments are needed for height or length?
All alignment for height and length is manual, but you can use the camera inside of the machine to help.
Which design platforms does Etcher Laser work with?
Any type of design platforms. As long as the files are png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, tif, svg, dxf.
What types of files or extensions can be used with the laser?
png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, tif, svg, dxf files.
What kind of software do I need to use the Etcher Laser?
You will need to use our native Etcher Laser software. It is free to download.
What other software can be used for the laser?
Only the native Etcher Laser software is compatible.
When doing larger areas with the open bottom option, does the software align the next area to etch with the previous area?
No, you have to align each area manually.
Does the laser have to be connected to the internet to cut/etch?
If using a laptop that has our free software downloaded to your desktop, you can connect the Etcher Laser with either a USB cable or Wifi. In the case you use the App, your phone or tablet connects to the machine via wifi, so the internet is not needed.


How do I set it up?
  • Please set up in a safe environment
  • Please set up in a well ventilated space
  • Connect AC Cable and USB cable
  • Install App or Desktop software
How long does it take to set up?
It varies by person, but including downloading and installing the software, setting up, and completing the initial test image, the average time is around 30 minutes.
How do I turn it on and off?
It is powered on and off using rocker switches.
How do I control it?
Using a supported device with the free software offered on the website installed.
How should I clean it?
A Vacuum cleaner and wipes are recommended for cleaning.
How much is the running cost?
The main running cost is electricity charges. Power Consumption is about 70W.
What parts (if any) will be consumable, and what will the upkeep costs be?
The laser diode is consumable.


What is the recommend age for use?
This machine should be operated by people who are 18+.
Where can I use it?
This can be used at an Office, Home, School, Garage, Warehouse, or Factory.
Is it safe?
Yes, when used properly.
What certifications do you have?
CE,FDA(IEC60825-1), FCC.
How is my privacy protected?
No personal information is collected.
How secure is it?
This product is IEC60825 Class 1.
Are there any risks associated with use?
If used incorrectly, there are risks of eye damage, burns, or fire. Its important to follow the safety guidelines and make sure the material is compatible with the machine before use.
Does Etcher Laser emit an odor/ smoke?
Depending on the materials used, there will be an odor or smoke. Please ventilate the room in that case.
How do you ensure safety when using the laser on transparent and metallic materials?
This is a laser diode, so it is not compatible with metallic* or transparent materials. (Anodized aluminum is compatible.)
Will eye protection be required?
No, this is a class 1 laser, so it isn’t required, but when you want to use it without the bottom cover, yes, it would be required.
What steps have you taken to keep the laser from refracting and causing damage and/or injury?
The top cover prevents this by making sure the laser does not radiate when it is open.
Is a filter required?
It is not required, but we have a dust collector as an accessory option.
When cutting while “bottomless” how do you ensure the laser does not damage under the cutting material?
It is recommended to place a metal board under materials being cut for protection.


What is it?
Etcher Laser is a desktop laser cutter and engraver.
Who created it?
smartDIYs is the creator of Etcher Laser. Etcher Laser is their fourth line of laser cutters and engravers.
Why should I use it?
It makes your work easier by saving time and money, bringing you countless business opportunities.
How much does it cost?
The following are MSRP prices:
  • 1.6W Type: $799
  • 3.5W Type: $1049
  • 1.6W Type + Dust collector: $1398
  • 3.5W Type + Dust collector: $1648
What do I get when I order?
You will recieve the machine, materials, products, and software.
Where can I see a product demo? Can I take a tour?
Our product video is coming soon! As much as we would like to hold tours, at this time the only way to observe our Etcher Laser in person is by attending one of our live events. When our Etcher Laser units are available for the public to try, we’ll post on our social media and website.
Will Etcher Laser be difficult to set-up or learn how to use?
The set up process is simple, and similar to a regular printer. Our software is very user-friendly but if you have any issues with how to use it, you can always contact our customer support!
What type of power is required?
AC 100V~240V


When does shipping begin?
Shipping will begin around June to August, 2019.
When can we expect it to reach our doorsteps?
Packages will be delivered June 2019 at the earliest.
Where does it ship to?
First step: US, Next: EU, Next: Worldwide
I’m interested in a distribution partnership.
Please contact us at:
Do I have to pay VAT / GST?
Yes, except those residing in the US, Japan, and select European countries.


Is there a warranty?
Yes, there is a 6 month warranty.
What is your refund policy?
Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; at some point we will need to lock refunds in order to go into production & shipment. We will not be able to refund orders once they’ve shipped.
What is your return / exchange policy?
If you received your product and you aren’t satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, just pay shipping & handling fees. If you wish to return your product, all packaging and contents that were sent MUST be returned before receiving a refund.
I’m interested in becoming a Beta Tester.
Only Backers are eligible to become Beta Testers. Pre-order your unit first, and then send us an email with your order confirmation number to receive more info. Some conditions must be met.
If I have other questions, who should I contact?
  • Press:
  • Investment Inquiries:
  • Support: