Is There Really “No Limit on Size”?

Is There Really “No Limit on Size”?


One of the best features of the Etcher Laser is that there is ‘no size limit’ on the materials that you can engrave with it. In other words, you can work with materials that don’t fit inside the machine. But, does this mean you can make an engraving on something the size of, say, a dining room table? What if the design itself is larger than the machine?

We get asked this question quite a bit, so in this entry, we’ll take a look at just how limitless the Etcher Laser really is and what that means for your craft.

The ‘How To’

First, the machine comes with a removable bottom. Because of this feature, you can essentially disregard the size of the machine and its working area and simply place it on top of whatever compatible surface you want to etch.

This means that even if you are working on a surface that is 10’x10’ (or 50’x50’ for that matter), it’ll be no problem to etch on.

So, while engraving a 70’x70’ surface may not exactly be the most common or practical option for the Etcher Laser, it is certainly not an impossible one.

But that’s if you want to engrave a relatively small design on a large surface. Is it possible to engrave a single, coherent, seamless image if the design is larger than the machine itself?

You absolutely can. That’s where the built-in camera and software interface come in. While some features are subject to change for the final product, when you are ready to start processing, the camera built into the working area of the Etcher Laser will allow you to see the material you are about to engrave. The display will appear on the device you are using, and from there you can adjust the size and positioning of the design superimposed on the material to be etched by dragging it.

Once you have finished engraving one portion of the design, you simply reposition the Etcher Laser onto the next section of the processing surface and re-adjust the design so that it aligns with the edge of the previously engraved portion. Repeat this process until the entire design is done.

Then you’ll have something like this.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. There really are no limits on the size of the materials you can process with the Etcher Laser. The only limits are your own ideas and creativity (and maybe what you consider practical, too)!

Etcher Laser Team